June 12, 2011

.first time for everything.

And a sort of, kind of fail for this first.

I had a good bit of spinach leftover in the fridge and I knew I wasn't going to eat it in a salad so I thought, hey, I'll jump on this green monster wagon. I grabbed some frozen strawberries, a couple handfuls of the spinach, a very ripe banana and about a cup and a half of milk and blended it all up. As a side note, if I 1) wasn't pregnant and 2) had a better blender I probably would only use 1 cup of milk. As it is, I need the extra calcium and my blender sucks a little bit... so he gets extra liquid.

What came out was very delicious, but not very green. As you can see it's a very light greenish pinkish  color. Not super appetizing looking but, as I said tastes damn good. I would never have thought of putting spinach in a smoothie but I think it really does a great job cutting down some of the sugary flavor from the fruit. Plus, it adds tons of extra nutrients! I'm thinking, in regards to the color, that I just didn't add enough spinach? Maybe? Any green monster aficionados read my blog?


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  1. [Sigh] I just don't know...

    I almost feel like since I've protested for so long I CAN'T try it now.