August 30, 2011

.let's talk baby.

Hey! Just dropping a quick update. I had my beautiful, amazing, perfect baby girl last Friday! The little stinker was a week late but so worth it.

What this means, however, is still no cooking or new posts from me. I will be getting back in the kitchen as soon as I can, but it will likely be a little bit. We are busy working out schedules and routines and learning to be kick ass parents, which is a little more important to us right now.

Check back though! Once I have something for y'all I will try to make it the tastiest something out there!


August 2, 2011

.daring bakers challenge: july.

Well, first of all yes, I know it is now August. I was very late getting started on the challenge and even then realized I wasn't going to do it justice.

The July challenge was a fresh fraisier. A gorgeous chiffon cake, with fresh fruit, pastry cream, simple syrup and a marzipan top.

I decided I wanted to at least do a portion of it so today I made a chiffon cake which turned out to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen. As most ugly food items go, however, it was super delicious. Moist, fluffy, light and airy. It screams "summer cake!" So, I made it into something that didn't have to be pretty at all: A trifle!

I added fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream to the mix and what came out was a lovely dessert for a warm summer evening.