August 26, 2013

.my baby is not my baby anymore.

Sigh. That's right. My baby turns 2 today. I'm happy and sad at the same time. She's growing into such an amazing little person. She's so kind hearted. She can be mischievous and ornery at times. She loves to have fun. She's silly all day long. She's getting to be such a big helper and such a smarty pants.

But she's 2. She has spent 2 entire years being our incredible daughter. Our little lady. Our baby. But I'm painfully aware of the fact that she is rapidly growing up. She has opinions now. About everything. What she wears. What she eats. What movie we watch. She slings her little play purses on her arm and sashays around the room. She learns new complete sentences everyday. New independent skills to help her do things on her own, which she is very adamant about doing.

A daily conversation in the house goes like this:

Me: Tyler, can I help you with that?

Her: No, no. I do it.

Me: *heart breaks*

So, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I decided to go through all of our pictures from the past 2 years. We've had some amazing times with the Peanut. I'm excited to let her explore even more of the world, even if it does mean one day she'll be out in it on her own. It was also insane seeing her transform over the last 2 years.

The day she was born. An amazing day. We had A LOT of learning to do, but she was as patient as she could be with us. :)

Three months. This was her first time in a bumbo. She wasn't completely sure what to think about it. 

Six months. She loved rolling around on our "photo backdrop," also known as a super soft blanket.

Nine months. We were visiting Nana and Papa and about to take her very first "swim" in a kiddie pool. She loved it, and still loves water.

Twelve months. Simply amazing. We had just moved to Washington and were exploring our neighborhood. 

Fifteen months. Visiting family in Texas for Thanksgiving. She had lots of fun with so many people around to dote on her!

Eighteen months. Ready for bed but had to take some pictures for Daddy.

Twenty-one months. I still can't believe this is the same baby. We are just getting used to the house being just us girls for the time being. 

Twenty-two months. It was right around June when I started thinking, "Holy crap, where is my baby? She's looking so grown up!"

Twenty-three months. But she still knows how to make some hilarious faces. 

That brings us to August. The month has flown by. This has been good in some aspects. She's been very patient waiting for Daddy to get home. And I've been very patient, being 28 weeks pregnant now. But it's been tough watching how quickly she's growing up in such a short amount of time. 

If she finds a stick, she picks it up. Always. Rocks also have a good possibility of coming home with us.

At her second drive in. Running off some energy and watching the big kids play. She wanted so badly to be playing with them. 

Those eyes. I die.

She has loved the weather this summer. On this day, however, she was content to just sit in the chair and listen to the rain on the patio.

She has learned to take selfies. Which make me feel like she's actually turning 13.

But still makes her hilarious smile face whenever I request it.

Again, a stick. And a purse. A girl needs her accessories. 

She gets such joy in the simplest of things, like finding Nemo stickers that Nana and Papa sent her. 

She has started waking up in a generally good mood this past month. As opposed to the scream fests of the last 23 months. I am kind of enjoying that progression.

All I have to do is say "smile for daddy," and this is the face I get. Every time. 

Again, those eyes! 

Our beautiful little lady.

She somehow manages to make friends wherever we go. "Puppies" are her favorite BFFs though.

So, as a very proud Mama, with only a slightly broken heart, I have to say Happy Birthday to my amazing little Peanut! 


May 16, 2013

.diy hair bow holder.

It has been so long since I shared anything on here! I've definitely done a few projects here and there over the last few months but I've also been focusing on family time and other fun things. I'm super excited to share this project I just completed though. A hair bow holder for Little T!

I found my inspiration, of course, on Pinterest. The pin was from Pretty Prudent and you can find her tutorial here.

My plan of attack was essentially the same, with a few additions of my own. The wood I used was actually the front of an old drawer. You can find some like this to up cycle, or simply buy a piece of plywood in whatever dimensions you desire. The fabric I used was brown and white gingham from JoAnn's, half a yard. This was the perfect amount for my drawer front, but depending on what you use you may need more or less. I also got quilt batting, brown ribbon, pink buttons, furniture tacks and a staple gun.  I already had a glue gun, scissors, etc.

From there, I simply went with it! I put the batting on the wood, covered the fabric over it and made sure it was smooth on the front. Flip the wood over and get ready to feel tough. Something about handling a staple gun just made me feel like a badass. I put a few staples on each long side, making sure the front of the fabric remained smooth. Then it got a little tricky handling the short edges and the corners. I used this tutorial on youtube to figure out how to maneuver the corners.

From there I arranged the ribbon how I wanted it and placed a furniture tack in the cross sections. I then flipped it and tacked the edges of the ribbon down, checking with each ribbon that it looked good on the front. I then used to glue gun to glue the buttons to the front tacks.

Then it was ready to be hung up and filled with bows! I used Command hanging strips to hang it but you can attach hardware to hang it with nails, if so desired.

So, the whole thing was really super easy. And I love how it turned out! I managed to get it done at the tail end of nap time and then as Tyler was eating lunch. As for Tyler, she also seems quite enamored with her new organization. Now if only she would keep the hair bows in her hair for longer than 5 minutes!