May 20, 2017

.oh darlings, let's be adventurers.

In this crazy post-divorce, post-move back to TX, restart of my life, I've decided one of my main goals is adventure. Life is a wild ride, I might as well try to make it as fun as possible.

Pedernales Falls State Park!
The girls and I try to get out as much as we can between work and
responsibilities. Hiking, museums, play dates with friends and even an epic spring break road trip to visit family in Colorado. I want the girls to look back on these years and not see the struggle, but rather that they had amazing adventures swimming in the Guadalupe, being surrounded by the love of friends and family and hiking into a mother fucking volcano crater!

So, that is what we do.

There are definitely some lazy movie days as well but these babies are sun-loving, adventure-seeking, inquisitive little mountain goats. Watching them explore new trails, learn cool new stuff, and expand their view of the world around them is always the highlight of my week.

I, of course, take pictures of our adventures. But I wanted another way to look back on them as well. Enter.... The Adventures Book!

I snagged this accordion style folder from Target a few months ago. Embellished it a bit. Then I just put whatever little keepsakes we find on our trips! Park information, art the girls do at museums, anything we want. Eventually I'd like to also get some of the favorite pictures printed and pop them in there as well. I added a list of the states just for fun, because I like to keep track of that. Half filled in squares mean only I, or perhaps Tyler and I, have been to that state. Can't wait to have all 50 filled in completely!

This is something simple and inexpensive that makes us happy. Which is basically our jam now. The girls love holding on to the brochures and coloring books from their travels to put them in the folder. For someone who isn't all that into things like scrapbooking, this is an awesome way to keep all the information and memories you want, without having to spend hours cutting, glueing, designing something like a scrapbook. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Here's to all the adventures to come!