March 20, 2011

.thanksgiving in march.

Well, kind of. For this week's bump update blog I am using an awesome (adapted) recipe from The Smart Kitchen. This week the bebe is the size of a sweet potato and a few days ago Ms. Smart posted a delicious looking recipe of stewed beef, sweet potato, cranberry sauce and greens.  Perfect recipe for the week!

I decided this would be a great way to try to break in my crock pot some more- as I am a bit intimidated by it and haven't used it much since the wedding. Yikes. I bought a 2.5 pound roast and went to work. I added a medium onion, chopped, 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped, a can of whole berry cranberry sauce, cinnamon, salt and pepper and a few cups of beef broth. Then I cooked the whole thing on high for 5 hours.

I'm going to come on out and say it.... my roast was a little bit dry. I attribute this to a few things: I didn't sear it before putting it in the crock pot, there was no way I was going to risk the smell, and I also think I added too much broth. Aside from the slight dryness, however, the flavors were incredible! Cranberry sauce cooks really well with beef, giving it a subtle sweetness and the sweet potatoes were a nice, unusual, addition to the roast. Plus, I just love sweet potatoes so, you can't go wrong there. On top of all this awesome, there is enough leftover for 3 lunches for the man. He's happy.

I also served the whole thing with some Sister Schubert's rolls. OMG. If you have not tried these, go do it, right now. They are the lightest, airiest, fluffiest, most delicious rolls. I pretty much ate half of them all by myself. Hello baby weight. 


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