January 26, 2011

.quesadilla crazy.

If you're one of those awesome people who are doing the whole New Year's resolution thing to get in shape and eat right, this isn't the post for you.

Or if you're lactose intolerant.

Just throwing that out there.

Okay, so my mother-in-law got me an awesome cookbook for Christmas, The Betty Crocker Cookbook, Bridal Edition. And it is SO great. I was flipping through it a few days ago and saw a recipe that just looked like complete crazy deliciousness, corn and crab quesadillas. So I put it on the list for dinner this week. I, of course, did my own little rendition of it, but kept the staple ingredients the same.

These little guys were off the chain. There was a nice, sweet crunch from the corn, a zing of flavor from the pimientos, and the cream cheese. Oh lord. I have never made a quesadilla with cream cheese but, wow, it melded with the other ingredients beautifully. The only let down was that I really didn't taste much of the crab. I used faux crab though and I think next time I will try real crab and see if the flavor comes out a little bit more.  Next time I will also use fat free cream cheese cause, dang do I feel guilty now.

The mixture
Corn and Crab Quesadilla makes 3 quesadillas
1/2 a package (4oz) cream cheese
1/2 a can (6-7 oz) whole kernel corn
1 jar (2 oz) diced pimientos, drained
1/4 teaspoon chili powder
1 cup of chopped crab meat or imitation crab meat
3 tortillas, I used La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Olive Oil Multi Grain Soft Wraps (SO GOOD)
Butter spray, or real butter

Start heating a pan on the stove over medium heat, spray with butter spray. It will work better if you have a griddle pan.

Then mix all the ingredients together, except the tortillas. I found it helped to heat the cream cheese up in the microwave for 30 seconds, it made it very pliable. Then place 1/3 of the mixture onto each tortilla, spread along half of the tortilla and then flip the other half over it. Place the quesadillas on the griddle pan (as many as will fit) and cook until the tortilla is browned, about 3-4 minutes, then flip and do the same to the other side. Remove from the heat, slice. Serve with sour cream, or any other condiment of your choosing. Enjoy!


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