November 20, 2011

.go make this, now.

Or tomorrow. Or for Thanksgiving. Or next month. Really, whenever, but make it. Pumpkin Lust Cake. Yeah, it has lust in the title of the recipe, you know it's good. This dessert is to die for. I have had a "cake" just like it (I feel like they are more a pie than a cake) made with chocolate pudding so when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I knew it would be a winner. Pecan crust, pudding, cream cheese and cool whip; yes please.

Kristy at Sweet Treats & More posted the recipe so you can check it out over there. It is super delicious as it is but I have a few alterations in mind to make it even better next time I make it. I will, of course, let y'all know my recipe when I get it down. The great thing as well is that you can use any flavor of pudding you prefer. I will say though, the pumpkin spice pudding is pretty boss. Get it while you can!


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