October 16, 2010

.oh my.

I wasn't planning on writing about my adventure tonight. This is why I didn't take any "before" pictures. As soon as it came out of the oven though I thought oh yes, that needs to be written about, and then quickly eaten, so I only have 1 incredibly mediocre picture for you. And it's blurry.

That, my friends, is a strawberry crostata. Or, at least, my version of it. Rather than cooking it straight on a baking sheet I cooked it in a small spring form pan because the crust was giving me massive troubles. 
I, again, used inspiration from Christina over at Dessert for Two. I used her strawberry crostata recipe, which can be found on her site here. As I already said, I used a spring form pan, which differed from her recipe. I also used white whole wheat flour (which is amazing!) and half fresh strawberries and half frozen. This was one of the the best recipes I've tried in awhile. Upon our first bites all I managed was "oh my God," and the Man said "So, you're going to do this one again right?" It was that good. I added some fresh whipped cream on top and it was heaven. 

Cook on!


  1. I now understand the term "food porn".

  2. White whole meal flour does sound amazing (we can't get it here in Australia) and I love the idea of strawberries that sounds so delicious. Great photo of the crostata. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.