November 7, 2012

.one thing crossed off the list.

Thanks to many adorable ideas on different blogs, pinterest, etc, I have about a million things on my to-do list for our new house. We're just renting so it's mostly small things, but there's a million of them none the less. I have officially completely one task from the list and I'm pretty excited about it. We have a small wall right in front of the front door. To the right leads to the dining room, to the left leads to the living room. I thought this little space would make a fantastic frame wall. And it did.

The best part, everything was very easy to do. The man already had the flag, so I simply put it up there with some tape dots on the back. I got the white frame from Home Goods, and put one of my favorite pictures of me and Brian from last November. A friend of the man's gave him the incredible Ranger tab and crest pieces. They are really beautiful pieces carved and then burned for contrast. I got the P and the Welcome from JoAnn's. I painted the Welcome with craft paint and spray painted the P with some spray paint also from JoAnn's. You'll notice the wall is brick, which means no nails. I am in love with the Command No Damage Hanging Strips. They are seriously awesome. I'm not going to put a single nail anywhere in the house!!

So, there it is. Task one, done! Next on my list is the living room and nursery. I'm hoping to finish them up in the next month or so but we will see if that works out, haha. I am doing a couple of cute crafts for the nursery right now though and I will put them up here when I'm done!


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