March 14, 2012

.diy: nursery decor.

When I first started thinking of la bebe's nursery theme I had a million plans and ideas. Somehow, however, during my nesting I lost all motivation to do anything even remotely creative for her nursery! I just put things off until I had her and then had absolutely no time to even think about decorating the nursery, until now! I'm very happy to say that for the last few weeks she has been sleeping in her nursery, loving her crib, and this has given me the push I need to get some cute things up for her.

The first thing on my list was the oh-so-popular name decor. I had some different ideas for this and decided on a little project that took me forever but was actually super easy.

I found all of my supplies at Michael's. I started with canvas. I affixed scrap book paper to the canvas, using mod podge (per the instructions on the bottle) and folded the edges like gift wrap. I let these dry over night.

In the meantime I painted her letters with spray paint, the color is Watermelon. I did four layers of paint, doing only a slight misting on each application.

I attached the letters to the canvas using gorilla glue. This stuff expands when it dries so if you use it, be careful! I used very little and used a paint brush to spread it along the middle of the letter.

Do you see the baby head? :)
Just like that, the "art" was done! I don't know if you can really call it art, as it was so ridiculously easy. I think it looks great though and I'm hoping she will think the same thing as she gets older!

Also, after hearing an absolutely terrifying story about a baby swallowing a thumbtack used to hold a picture up I decided to search for an alternative way to put the canvases on the wall. I came across Command picture hanging strips. These things are like heavy duty velcro and work awesome! They also make me feel a lot safer!

So, there you have it. A super easy project that would be great for a nursery or kids room! 



  1. This is great! Dallas would love this and she's 10..haha! Good Job Momma!

  2. I think I just might have to give this a try!