December 12, 2012

.diy card holder.

This year we have actually done some Christmas decorating! It's pretty exciting. We have our cute little (fake) tree. Some things on the mantle. I'm loving how festive it makes the house!

One thing that I was missing, however, was a Christmas card holder. I looked around and found a few but none really caught my fancy. I was talking to le man about it and he suggested just putting up some twine that he already had and clipping the cards on to that. I kind of took the idea from there and got some clothes pins and glitter. Bam! Super easy and inexpensive card holder.

I love the way these turned out. I simply painted some mod podge onto one side of the clothes pin, then dipped it in super fine red glitter. Let it dry overnight, then they are ready to go! I might go back and glitter the whole clothes pin later, but that will be a lot messier so for now one side looks pretty awesome!



  1. What a fabulous idea. I always tape mine hanging down off of a cabinet over the bar area. I love this though!! I may copy you!

  2. Do it! It was so easy! Took me about 5 minutes last night to whip up 12 of them!

  3. Love this.......makes me even think of sending cards out so I could be included in your collection!!! (something I am not known to do!)

  4. This is a super cute idea! I always just tape them to our front door. This is a much better idea :)