April 13, 2016

.everybody loves cheese.

Over the past 3 years I have done one full Whole30 and multiple W14s and every single time all I can think is how I could never eat paleo 100% of the time because, cheese. I might be a little obsessed but, cheese is delicious and I don't want to live without it. Everybody loves cheese. You know, except for the few people who don't. This is not a post for those people.

A few weeks ago I had an awesome little gathering for some ladies I have met recently. There was cheese, there was wine, there were fruits and veggies and it was just a grand time. One of the things I made, that I was probably most excited about, was baked brie, topped with cherry preserves and wrapped in pastry dough. I've wanted to try it forever and the fact the it was so amazingly easy just made it even better. Plus it was insanely delicious. After the party there was about a quarter of the wheel left and my husband tried a small bite.... then took the whole serving bowl and finished it off!

After that successful recipe attempt I was curious as to what else I could do with baked brie. I didn't have any more crescent rolls but one night the husband was working overnight. It was just the little ladies, me and Frozen for the billionth time. I had brie, half the jar of leftover cherry preserves and a can of biscuit dough in the fridge.

So.... I stuck it all together and bada bing, bada boom. Delicious, gooey, tart, carb-filled amazingness was born. And again, it was so easy it's almost ridiculous. I feel like this dish would be awesome at a party as well. Truthfully, there's not even really a recipe. It's as easy as putting the brie in the middle of a baking dish or sheet, pour the preserves on top of it, arrange the biscuit dough around the sides of the brie and bake as directed by the biscuit brand. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and serve.

I feel like this would be amazing as some sort of savory brunch option as well. Perhaps some bacon on top of the brie, with the biscuits. Scramble up some eggs to go with. I'd love to hear more ideas!


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